A Modern Marvel

When the Mustang Power Plant was introduced in 1950, it was a modern marvel. And for decades after its introduction, OG&E poured more investment into it, continuously upgrading its power generation capability from an initial 56,000 kilowatts to 432 megawatts by the early 1970s. Powered by this new plant, the surrounding communities grew and prospered.

But more than a decade after the turn of the century, the plant that had once been a modern marvel, had reached the end of its productive life. That’s why OG&E decided to make a significant investment in the newest generation technology. These natural gas-fired turbines will be a key driver of growth for countless local families, communities and industries.

What we have here is a combination of the right technology at the right site in a desirable location.

-Sean Trauschke, Chairman, President and CEO, OGE Energy Corp.

Built Right. Right Here.

The difference between 22 hours and 10 minutes makes all the difference in the world for our energy future.

With seven new 66-megawatt combustion generators, OG&E’s Mustang Energy Center is ushering in a new era of reliability for Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Where the old steam generators took 22 hours to reach peak power, the state-of-the-art turbines are there in a mere 10 minutes.

Turbine Technology And Flexibility

Going from 1950s steam pipes and valves to the quick-starting jet engine technology of today makes the Mustang Energy Center truly unique—in fact, it’s currently one of only two generation stations like it in the nation.

The seven new combustion turbines are the same engines that propel Boeing 777s, each made to ramp up fast and shut down quickly. Together, they can generate 462 megawatts at any given moment—more than the old plant, and the equivalent of 1,217 sports cars. The best part is that they can run in any combination: half mode, full mode, one turbine, three turbines, even all seven. It’s flexible cycling with less wear and tear on the system, which helps OG&E turn on a dime to respond to energy needs.

Since construction on the new Mustang Energy Center generators last year, more than 1,000 workers were on site, creating significant revenue for local communities. And that’s in addition to the ad valorem taxes OG&E already pays to the local communities, funding schools and civic improvements. In fact, OG&E pays more property taxes than anyone in the state.

To power the new natural gas-fired units, a 22-mile pipeline was laid to deliver cleaner-burning Oklahoma natural gas from a storage facility near Edmond (another fact: OG&E is the largest consumer of clean-burning natural gas in the state). What’s more, the Mustang Energy Center is also home to a proprietary 2.5-megawatt solar farm.

The Right Technology At The Right Site

When construction began on the old Mustang site in 1948, it was considered a rural area far away from Oklahoma City. However, in the 70 years since, OKC has enveloped the location. More importantly, the site has grown up as well, with the construction of critical power-moving infrastructure like electrical cables, water lines, air lines, gas lines and conduits.

That infrastructure includes a connection to nine transmission lines, ensuring energy is delivered to vital locations like metro Oklahoma City, Tinker Air Force Base and Will Rogers Airport. This location has flexible transformer and substation infrastructure, too, which enables us to ramp up voltage for homes, business customers, industrial companies, security needs at Tinker and more—ensuring steady, reliable energy for all.

The Mustang Energy Center sits on a high-voltage transmission ring that strategically encircles the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. That loop is critical in delivering reliable, sustainable and dependable power for both our largest load centers and for the entire service area. From the Redbud plant in Luther, to the McClain plant near Newcastle and Horseshoe Lake around the Harrah area, Mustang Energy Center continues to support the grid—now even more effectively and efficiently than ever. It's also strategically located to take in and distribute the bulk of Oklahoma’s wind resources, primarily located in northwestern Oklahoma.

We’re also incredibly proud of our safety record: We’ve had over 500 OG&E members here working on this facility, and they’ve just crossed the million-work-hour mark being incident- and injury-free.

Cycling. It’s another huge advantage of the new Mustang Energy Center combustion turbine generators. Combustion turbines can cycle on demand, reacting to peak demands, thousands of times over. However, the older steam units weren’t built to cycle with the same frequency. Since OG&E joined the Southwest Power Pool's integrated market, they have had to stop and start over 100 times. And the old units couldn’t react quickly, taking hours instead of minutes.

A Mustang Minute with Donnie Jones: Cycling Turbines

Donnie explains why it's important that engines "cycle," and why Mustang Energy Center's jet turbines make all the difference.

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The Engine Driving Power, Commerce And Lower Costs

If you’re on a Boeing 777 and you’re flying thousands of miles across the ocean, you have great confidence those jet engines will get you there. That’s why Mustang Energy Center’s new combustion turbine generators are so dependable and ideal.

These Siemens gas turbines use cutting-edge technology to create engines that are amazingly fast-starting and dependable. They ramp up to a full load in 10 minutes, hours faster than most generation plants in the U.S. They’re lightweight, compact and can generate 66 megawatts—the equivalent of over 80,000 horsepower. And since gas is the most clean-burning fossil fuel, they’re environmentally friendly and easier to maintain.

We can crank up those combustion turbines at that facility and have power going across the grid within 10 minutes.

-William Sultemeier, General Counsel, OGE Energy Corp.

What Is The Power Pool?

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) was founded in 1941 by 11 regional power companies to address serious national defense demands.

Today, the SPP consortium of power companies is basically there to ensure reliable power is distributed across the region. The SPP integrated market went live in the spring of 2014. With help from OG&E, the SPP ensures reliable power, transmission infrastructure, competitive electricity prices and fuel cost savings for more than 18 million people in 14 states, covering over 546,000 square miles.

OG&E customers have benefited greatly from the integrated marketplace. But the Mustang Energy Center now gives us a powerful hedge. We can participate in the market when it’s beneficial for our customers, but when prices rise, we can supply electricity generation using the Mustang Energy Center to keep prices below the national average for our customers. Find out more about the SPP.

The new Mustang Energy Center has a footprint, an air emissions footprint, that's about 70 percent lower than the old Mustang plant.

-Usha Turner, Director, Environmental Affairs and Federal Public Policy, OG&E

Making The Most Of Wind And Solar

The Mustang Energy Center’s flexibility is critical because it helps OG&E complement our investment in wind and solar power generation, since renewable energy can be inconsistent. Now, OG&E can respond to the Southwest Power Pool more efficiently. The SPP oversees the bulk electric grid and wholesale power market for a 546,000-square-mile region in the central United States—including OG&E’s transmission grid. So OG&E’s quick-start technology can help the SPP quickly adapt to changes in demand, from outages to the unpredictable nature of renewables. That's why OG&E is the first of many adopting this technology for the future.

The Balance Of Energy. The Balance Of Nature.

The new Mustang Energy Center also goes a long way in balancing our energy portfolio, maximizing our use of renewable resources and using clean-burning natural gas. But because we also live in the communities we serve, it’s just as important to preserve our natural resources. At OG&E, we’re committed to producing and delivering reliable electricity in an environmentally responsible manner, still at rates below the national average.

We’re doing it with fuel diversity: balancing natural gas volatility, adding renewable energy to our mix and using the consistency of coal prices for more stable electricity rates. We’re even tipping the scales in nature’s favor. The state-of-the-art Mustang Energy Center uses water much more efficiently, eliminates nearly 70 percent of current emissions and both meets and improves on government-established environmental standards. Plus, we're building strong partnerships with local, state and federal environmental agencies—delivering reliable, environmentally responsible power. Read more about how we deliver electricity.

A Mustang Minute with Usha Turner: Perfect Balance

Usha talks about the value of balance in fuel and technology, for more reliability, and the Mustang Energy Center's perfect balance.

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