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Our Priorities For The Future

Your Strongest Partner For Growth

We serve 276 cities and towns in Oklahoma and western Arkansas—from the Oklahoma City metro area, with a population of close to 1.5 million, to Aline, OK, with a population of around 200. And our dedication to improving every community in this region is the same as it was on day one when OG&E was incorporated as a company here in the Oklahoma Territory—five years before statehood.

We’re committed to be the strongest partner for growth in every single community we serve. Because we don’t just work in your area—we’re your next-door neighbors, your kids’ little league coaches, your friend from coffee and your fellow volunteers. It’s simple, we truly care about your communities because they’re our communities, too.

A Mustang Minute with Don Rowlett: Poised for Growth

OG&E grows by growing our communities. Don says that's the best reason for Mustang Energy Center.

The Mustang Energy Center (MEC) in particular is an incredible asset to the surrounding cities of Yukon and Mustang. OG&E is the largest single payer of ad valorem taxes (or property taxes) in Oklahoma—most of which go directly to fund public education. In fact, in 2016 we paid out a total of more than $75,300,000 in ad valorem taxes, and those numbers will only continue to increase over time.

We’re not a quarter-to-quarter business. We’re a business that takes a very long view of our customers’ needs and the economy that we power.

-Jean Leger, Vice President, Utility Operations, OG&E

Better education and improved infrastructure equates to greater opportunities throughout our state. In the Oklahoma City metro, it’s no secret we’ve experienced a remarkable run of growth in the last dozen years. OG&E wants to make sure the city and the surrounding region are poised to continue to grow, and the Mustang Energy Center is a foundational element of our plan. Always working to create better jobs, stronger schools, exciting new entertainment and cultural destinations.

For over 116 years, we’ve consistently balanced the needs of regulators, shareholders and policy makers with those of our customers and employees, whom we call members—but our customers always come first. Innovative technology and farsighted decisions like the quick-start MEC will serve them well for years to come.

A Mustang Minute with William Sultemeier: Bettering Lives

William Sultemeier makes sure there's no misunderstanding why the Mustang Energy Center is built to better every customer's life.

Low Rates, Reliability & Commitment: Always The Path Forward

As a company, we’re only as strong as the communities we serve. Through a steadfast commitment to low rates and reliability, OG&E has given its partners the edge they need to continue to grow. As we look to the future, that formula guides our daily actions.

Our emphasis on long-term—and sustainable—investments is what powers economic growth—drawing families and companies to the region. And ensures we can keep our rates as low as possible, to champion an improved quality of life for all.

A customer might not have a need today, but they will definitely have a need in the future. We work very hard at building relationships with our customers so that they trust us and know we’re always just a phone call away.

-Keith Erickson, Director, Sales and Business Development, OG&E

The new Mustang Energy Center is incredibly robust. Its nine outgoing transmission lines, which feature two different voltages—serving residential and commercial customers—are a critical component of overall system reliability and resiliency, no matter the temperature or weather. The state-of-the-art combustion turbines are up and running in only 10 minutes, meaning you’ll receive electricity with unprecedented reliability.

And with all those benefits, there’s still one of the most important to you: Our customers will still have rates well below the national average. With Congress passing comprehensive tax reform just before Christmas of 2017, it offset the millions of dollars OG&E invested to build the most innovative power generation units in the region.

Mustang Fact
OG&E’s rates (about 6 cents per kilowatt hour) have always been below the national average (12 cents per kilowatt hour), especially when it comes to large business rates.

Our prices, our reliability, our responsiveness and our restoration efforts continue to set industry standards. We’re always thinking about how our decisions impact our customers—we want to be thorough, and we want to get things right the first time. The Mustang Energy Center will only help us better our core values and commitment to you.

A Mustang Minute with Rob Burch: Perfect Placement

Hear Rob highlight the 'perfect storm' of great features and dynamics at the Mustang Energy Center—which help protect our customers' bills.

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