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Future Benefits For All

Your Strongest Partner For Growth

It’s more than dependable, affordable electricity.

More than showing up with business cards.

From innovative new initiatives and construction to community program sponsorships, as well as our tireless employee volunteerism, OG&E works each day to inspire our already driven workforce. To grow customers that value our word, and our work. More importantly, we only succeed with help from every customer, commercial industry and community. That’s why, for years, you’ve heard us say we only thrive TOGETHER.

The Mustang Energy Center (MEC) is our latest, most logical step to investing in, growing—and protecting—our state. Today, resiliency is as essential as reliability, and electricity has become synonymous with living, working, learning and leading. So, the MEC’s new technology not only ensures reliable power, but will remain vigilant against the latest cyber-attacks and viral threats. The MEC’s role in service restoration during events—whether nature-driven or man-made—strengthens our region’s future.

A Mustang Minute with Jason Simeroth: Growing Our Leaders

Yukon Public Schools Superintendent shows his passion when it comes to shaping our children's future—and his thanks for OG&E's help.

Mustang Fact
We’re the largest single payer of ad valorem taxes in Oklahoma—approximately $80 million annually—most of which goes directly to fund public education. And the MEC promises to bring even more money to state schools.

A Mustang Minute with Greg Winters: The MEC Is Very Smart

The CEO of the Canadian Valley Technology Center is proud to train the workforce of tomorrow—and appreciative of OG&E's ad valorem support.

OG&E’s proud to be a huge contributor to funding local schools. We pay more ad valorem taxes, our property taxes, than anybody in the state. Probably two-thirds of that money goes to fund local schools, and we're really proud of that.

Rae Rice, Manager, State Government Affairs, OG&E

Our Next Generation’s Strongest Financial Partner

As the state’s largest ad valorem taxpayer, OG&E champions stronger schools, as well as better healthcare, parks and recreation opportunities. Since we’re an Oklahoma company, it only makes sense to build forward-thinking facilities like the Mustang Energy Center, which will continue to contribute to the energy needs and funding of our children and grandchildren (and their grandchildren).

The amount of effort in maintaining reliability, on a millisecond by millisecond basis, has grown exponentially. So, we've had to place much greater emphasis on the technology we use.

Greg McAuley, Director, RTO Policy & Development, OG&E

Whether it’s a customer in rural Oklahoma, watching the glow of a new computer as their children grow sharper minds, or large commercial customers who quite literally grow our state’s economy, our rich and rewarding futures are connected. Even better, they are very much in the control of each of us, together.

At OG&E, with 5,200 miles of transmission lines and 55,500 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines delivering energy to 30,000 square miles of customers, the Mustang Energy Center is simply a necessity to keep this state moving forward. It’s another one to grow on.

A Mustang Minute with Donnie Jones: Improving Our Schools

The Mustang Energy Center is one part of why OG&E pays the most ad valorem taxes in the state. Donnie thinks that's "awesome."

A Mustang Minute with Don Rowlett: Growing Our Communities

Don speaks to the importance of economic development, and the Mustang Energy Center's role in building vibrant communities.

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