OGE TOGETHER | The Mustang Energy Center Series

The Mustang Energy Center Series

Why The Mustang Energy Center Is The Right Choice For Our Future

We Want You To Be Informed

In the coming months, you are going to hear a lot about OGE Energy Corp. and our utility, OG&E's investment in the Mustang Energy Center.

Here’s the bottom line: If you have a stake in the future of your community, you have a partner in OG&E.

The Mustang Energy Center: Built Right. Right Here.

Seven state-of-the-art combustion generators at the Mustang Energy Center are ushering in a new era of reliability, resiliency and sustainability. See the big picture, now.

Whether you’re concerned about attracting and retaining stable, high-paying jobs in your community, or improving the quality of education available to your children or grandchildren, or ensuring a better quality of life with cleaner air and water, we share those goals. And we are taking real steps to achieve them.

We are confident that the Mustang Energy Center is the right choice for our future, together. That’s why, in the coming weeks and months, we will lay out every reason for this investment on this website, so you can see the facts for yourself.

OG&E is committed to being the strongest partner for growth in every community we serve. Thank you for your interest in this important investment. To make sure you receive each update from us as soon as it is published, please sign up below.

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