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The Big Orange

Our linemen are proof positive that when we come together, work together, we succeed together. We’re so proud of our award-winning restoration team, whether we’re working during tireless tornado recovery efforts here at home, or we’re taking a trip across the Gulf, along with a wave of OG&E linemen and members to restore power to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We’re always working to keep the power on and stay safe. Together.

Arriving In San Juan

Our award-winning Big Orange restoration team arrives in Puerto Rico, proud to bring power back to the Arecibo region.

Together Iluminando: Puerto Rico

Our documentary shows the heroic efforts of OG&E linemen and support groups, as they restore power—and faith—to the island.

We have a strong environmental record, a very strong safety record, that’s just so rewarding.

Rae Rice, Manager, State Government Affairs, OG&E

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