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OG&E & You

Generating Good Will. Energizing Life.

As OG&E members, it’s our honor to not only generate energy for Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas, but to also energize each place we serve. Creating places of closeness and comfort, growth and stability, optimism and great expectations.

We’re proud of our part in every story here, from successful community business ventures to improving our schools. And taking on every endeavor with safety as our top concern.

We believe you’ll enjoy these positive stories about our region, our company, our partners—and you. Because, together, we’re energizing homes, schools, communities, hopes, dreams—and so much more. We energize life.

Meet Trevor, Gabriela & Lynsey

Watch OG&E surprise three high school seniors with "Positive Energy Scholarships"—to energize their bright days ahead.

Education is a key component in building a workforce for the future, and to keep our communities growing. That’s why OG&E donates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to educational endeavors, as an investment in our stronger tomorrow.

At OG&E, We Energize Life

At OG&E, we're empowering people, communities and dreams with more than just electricity.

We energize the economy, education, communities and the environment while offering the lowest rates in the nation.

Overcoming adversity. Even underwater.

At OG&E, we work hand-in-hand with the United Way, more than financially. We’re caring, together, to make lives better.

We work hand-in-hand with the United Way, more than financially. We’re caring, together, to make lives better.

Whenever there's a need, OG&E is the first at the table, they're one of the first calls we make.”

Debby Hampton, President & CEO, United Way of Central Oklahoma

Beautiful Fields. Bright Futures.

See how Fields & Futures—with a little help from OG&E—have more students running toward a greater potential.

See how Fields & Futures, along with OG&E, help kids realize their purpose and potential by building and maintaining athletic fields across our school districts.

I just didn’t realize OG&E did things like this and it blew my mind to know that they did and I really appreciate the help and all you have done for me…

Margaret Thompson, OG&E Customer

Silver Customers. Golden Opportunities.

OG&E’s Toney and his new friend, Margaret, talk about how OG&E’s Silver Energy Program helps customers over 55.

Learn more about OG&E’s Silver Energy Program and see if you qualify for the money-saving energy efficiency benefits. Click here.

OG&E’s proud to be a huge contributor to funding local schools. We pay more ad valorem taxes, our property taxes, than anybody in the state. Probably two-thirds of that money goes to fund local schools, and we're really proud of that.

Rae Rice, Manager, State Government Affairs, OG&E

A Mustang Minute with Jason Simeroth: Growing Our Leaders

Yukon Public Schools Superintendent shows his passion when it comes to shaping our children's future—and his thanks for OG&E's help.

A Mustang Minute with Greg Winters: The MEC Is Very Smart

The CEO of the Canadian Valley Technology Center is proud to train the workforce of tomorrow—and appreciative of OG&E's ad valorem support.

We’re not a quarter-to-quarter business. We’re a business that takes a very long view of our customers’ needs and the economy that we power.

Jean Leger, Vice President, Utility Operations, OG&E

Meet Ann Felton

As the CEO of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, Ann describes her longstanding relationship with OG&E.

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