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Why Economic Growth Matters to Our Members

We Succeed Together...

...only as we grow together.

So we carry our values and beliefs forward, from town to town. Because our company is only as strong as our communities. And the only way we grow is by helping our communities grow stronger each day.

Take a minute to watch a few inspiring stories, featuring some of our members and community partners. Listen as they define, in their own words, what growth means to each of them. Discover how they (and you) have a role in creating an even better place for us all to live, to work and to grow.

Value, and inclusion, and diversity are a big deal—but all of our values, all of the beliefs, are important.

-Rose Royal, Director, HR Compliance & Employee Relations, OG&E

Meet Alba Weaver

Alba talks about the importance of economic development, and the role she and OG&E play in making that happen.

Meet Rose Royal

Rose has a passion for OG&E and helps the company work for the greater good.

A Culture Of Continuity

Ask an OGE Energy Corp. member about the company, and you'll get a variety of responses. For some, it's about supplying and delivering vital electricity that ensures safety, security and well-being. For some, it's the responsibility to support and give back to the communities we serve. And for others, it's innovation—delivering energy efficiently and giving each customer a variety of options to help them better manage household and business budgets.

But no matter which member you ask, one word is constant: Pride. We're proud that the energy we deliver gives people comfort, safety and security. We're proud that we live and work in Oklahoma and Arkansas, strengthening each community we serve. We're proud of our record of low-cost, reliable power, at rates constantly below the national average. And we're proud of our ability to respond safely and effectively when our communities—and communities from coast to coast—face emergency situations.

Our pride is alive in our vision, mission, values and beliefs.

We’re a 115-year old company. You don’t want to let people down that have gone before you. You want to carry on that legacy. To grow.

-Steve Merrill, Chief Financial Officer, OGE Energy Corp.

Meet Rae Rice

OG&E was formed six years before Oklahoma statehood. Rae says it's an honor to represent our long-standing reputation for excellence.

Our Vision

The industry leader with a passion for helping customers, developing members and delivering stockholder value.

Our Mission

Safely provide reliable electricity and related services vital to our communities at a reasonable cost.

Meet Andrea Dennis

It's the One Network model. It's the future of energy and outage management. Listen to Andrea Dennis explain how this will affect you.

Our Values

Individual safety and well-being: We advocate attitudes and actions that promote individual safety, health and success.

Transparency: We operate our business openly and communicate in a clear, candid and timely manner.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve shared goals and objectives.

Respect: We treat others justly and consider their views in the decisions we make.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an honest, fair and trustworthy manner.

Public Service: We give our time and energy to better the communities where we live and work.

Integrity's so important to the company, and what I really like about it is I don't have to check my values at the door to go earn a paycheck.

-Rae Rice, Manager, State & Government Affairs, OGE Energy Corp.

Our Beliefs

Live Safely: I protect myself and others from injury by constant engagement, always living safely.

Achieve Together: I reach out to others across the company so we can achieve more.

Shared Trust: I commit to acting in a manner that cultivates trust.

Value Diversity & Inclusion: I embrace the uniqueness of each individual to make us a stronger and more resourceful organization.

Take Charge: I am accountable to deliver our key results, mentor others and manage my career.

Unleash Potential: I get superior results by applying innovative thoughts and constant self-improvement.

Values Matter: I model OGE's values in everything I do.

It's awesome when you can work for a company that actually produces a product that is truly life-sustaining.

-Donnie Jones, Vice President, Power Supply Operations, OG&E

Our Members

Public Service In Action

The hours are long, and the work is challenging, but the System Construction Team at OG&E finds a way to give back, year after year–with 100 percent volunteer participation for three years running. See for yourself: Positive Energy in Public Service.

Teamwork In Action

Since the foundation of the Boathouse District, OG&E has supported rowing on the Oklahoma River. In 2015, the Head of the Oklahoma, four days of rowing events, kicked off with the OG&E-sponsored NightSprints. OG&E’s River Dogs came to win. See the results: Positive Energy in Teamwork.

Safety And Security In Action

The deadly tornadoes that swept through central Oklahoma in 2013 destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, leaving thousands without power. Our crews worked 16-hour days—every day—until power was restored. And for one resident of Moore, OK, the work of our line crews not only provided her power, it saved her life. Share her story: Moore Positive Energy.

Our Code Of Ethics

Our values, and our commitment to integrity, are embodied in our Code of Ethics. This code contains specific guidelines to govern how we work, helping us respond appropriately in situations where the best course of action may be unclear. Our directors, officers and members maintain our reputation for integrity, always acting with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

We also require ethical conduct from those we do business with and expect our suppliers, vendors, and contractors to abide by our Code of Ethics as well. Read our Code: OG&E Code of Ethics PDF.

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