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Ardmore: Science on the Plains

The Noble Art ... Of Science

Flying overhead in the 1940s, Lloyd Noble witnessed how destructive farming practices were wearing away Oklahoma’s economic engine: our agricultural base. Applying hardworking men and women as well as the best machinery and methodology, he became a founding father of soil conservation. Now, more than seven decades later, Noble’s message of land stewardship has reached beyond the Southern Great Plains to encircle the globe. And in Ardmore, Oklahoma, the Noble Research Institute’s unprecedented gathering of international scientists works to solve the world’s greatest agricultural challenges.

Science on the Plains

Episode one of our ongoing series shows why the world has its eyes on Ardmore, Oklahoma and The Noble Research Institute.

No civilization has outlived the usefulness of its soils. When the soil is destroyed, the nation is gone.

-Lloyd Noble

The Noble Research Institute is a billion-dollar laboratory, with 400 members and 125 PhDs from 25 countries—including researchers, plant breeders, agricultural economists, forage agronomists, beef producers, crops specialists, wildlife biologists, biochemists and many more—making it the largest private agricultural research entity in the world. And OG&E is a proud collaborator, connecting these pioneers with vital power. See their story ...

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