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Durant: Imagine Durant

Growing The Magnolia Capital

There was Cardinal Glass. And the Big Lots Distribution Center. Then, Commercial Metals Company (CMC) expanded their footprint from Seguin, Texas, to Durant. The town formerly known as the second largest city within the Choctaw Nation is now known for an unprecedented economic boom within Oklahoma.

Imagine Durant

Episode two takes us to Durant, Oklahoma—a city winning exciting new business with its willingness to partner for economic success.

It’s all your stakeholders working together, trying to solve the real issues. When you have that in any community, you can make positive things happen.

-Greg Massey, Chairman; Durant Industrial Authority

OG&E is proud to partner with Durant, as well as so many community and business leaders to make this type of electrifying expansion possible. Watch our story and see what happens when we work together to make common dreams realities: To bring business. To grow communities. To provide a better future.

The MEC’s New Technology Joins ‘The Grid’

The Mustang Energy Center’s combustion turbines are now part of an expansive and powerful network—featuring nearly 5,200 miles of transmission lines and 55,500 miles of overhead and underground distribution lines—delivering electricity across 30,000 square miles in Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

In many ways, this electricity grid is similar to the national roads and highway system. OG&E operates a series of handoffs between higher voltage transmission lines to lower voltage distribution lines that are located on overhead poles and buried underground.

In short, it takes quite an effort to move electricity where it’s needed. Think about the miles of lines and hundreds of thousands of poles, the countless switches and fuses. And as the population and demand for power continues to increase, as well as the development of alternative energy options, OG&E responsibly adds to the grid. For instance, we’ve added hundreds of miles of transmission lines to deliver wind power to the new MEC, keeping our customers and the 14-state Southwest Power Pool in power.

Oklahoma is growing. And we’re proud to play our part. With that, Oklahomans are also using more electricity every year. That’s why adding the quick-start technology at the Mustang Energy Center to our energy grid is so critical—to harness renewable energy more efficiently, to react to power demands more rapidly and to meet any demand head-on. Today, and tomorrow.

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