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Enid: A Rush of Prosperity

Team: Together

In Enid, you’ll find workers one generation removed from the family farm, who’ve known their next-door neighbor since birth. So, when a cornerstone company of Enid’s agricultural workforce—ADM Milling—began looking at relocation, community leaders, OG&E and the entire town teamed together. Their ability to supply several unique solutions is a testament to ingenuity and innovation.

A Rush of Prosperity

Our “Growing Together” series visits Enid, where resilient land rushers settled a town in 1893. And which rises in an exciting economic resurgence today.

The cost of energy is significantly lower here than across the country, which provides us with a big advantage to many different companies—whether that’s manufacturing, data centers or in any industry.

-Lisa Powell, Associate Director at the Enid Regional Development Alliance

To date, ADM has fully redesigned one outdated mill, increasing efficiency and reliability, while streamlining production. Now, the capacity generated in that single footprint is equal to the production of two retired mills. And since more electricity was required, the city turned to OG&E—who installed a power station on the property to fulfill all the energy needs. And to keep the community growing stronger, together.

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