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Fort Smith: A River of Energy

Welcome To True Grit

In the late 1800s, the river base of Fort Smith was known as civility’s last outpost before heading into the Wild West. Now, it’s known as the location of one of this country’s brightest economic revivals. By outworking cities from coast to coast, Fort Smith has dropped its unemployment rate threefold, partnered with several international companies, and is now planning for years of good fortune.

A River of Energy

Fort Smith is home to true grit, where energetic leaders helped a flagging economy survive—and now thrive. Our series brings you another success story of "Growing Together."

It's a global marketplace. And Fort Smith is a part of it.

-Asa Hutchinson, 46th Governor of Arkansas

Meet the civic trailblazers and the economic development team who built on, and built out, Fort Smith’s unlimited potential. And see how OG&E’s multi-million-dollar grid program is a critical investment in our continued success.

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