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Growing Together Series

We’ve Got a Good Thing Growing

Lighting The Way, Together

We've been powering customers’ lives for over a century. But more importantly, OG&E has been growing communities and commerce at the same time.

In short, we've been Growing, Together.

So, we wanted to share some stories with you. Stories about you. From the largest independent, nonprofit agricultural research institute in the world located right here, to those who tighten their bootstraps every morning, just to make a brighter tomorrow for their neighbors.

Come back often to experience our ongoing "Growing Together" series. And see how we can thrive, together—from Enid to Ardmore, from the panhandle to past the Arkansas border.

We want communities that are healthy. We want jobs for our kids as they grow up. And the more diversified we become, and the more industry we are able to recruit, the more opportunities we’ll see.

Alba Weaver, Manager; OG&E Economic Development

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