Science on the Plains




We've been powering customers' lives for over a century. But more importantly, to us, OG&E has been growing communities and commerce all across our state at the same time.

In short, we've been Growing, Together.

So we wanted to share some stories with you. Stories all about you. From the largest independent, nonprofit agricultural research institute in the world—right here in Oklahoma—to those who tighten their bootstraps every morning, just to make a brighter tomorrow for their neighbors.

Welcome. And don't forget to come back to enjoy our ongoing "Growing Together" series. See how this state can thrive—from Enid to Ardmore, from the panhandle to past the Arkansas border. Because together, we've got a good thing growing.

Science on the Plains

Episode one of our ongoing series shows why the world has its eyes on Ardmore, Oklahoma and The Noble Research Institute.

Imagine Durant

Episode two takes us to Durant, Oklahoma—a city winning exciting new business with its willingness to partner for economic success.

Enid. Oklahoma. And OG&E.

Our “Growing Together” series visits Enid, where resilient land rushers settled a town in 1893. And which rises in an exciting economic resurgence today.

Anyone who has a stake in our communities has a partner in OG&E.

-Sean Trauschke, Chairman, President and CEO, OGE Energy Corp.


President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sean Trauschke, offers his greetings to OGE TOGETHER.

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